Life Rules – About the Author

About The Author of Life Rules - The Book: Ellen LaConteA former corporate internal communications consultant, teacher, editor of Farmstead magazine and of the nationally distributed newsletters ForeFacts, Teaching Tomorrow Today and Starting Point (reviving on line, Winter 2010 at Ellen LaConte is a contributing editor to Green Horizon Magazine and The Ecozoic and sits on the Advisory Board of the EarthWalk Alliance. Author of On Light Alone and Free Radical, memoirs about Helen and Scott Nearing, influential homesteaders, social critics, international lecturers and bestselling authors of the Living the Good Life series of books, LaConte has been published in The Sun, East/West Journal, New Perspectives, Odyssey, Country Journal, Countryside, Convergence and Gaia: A Literary & Environmental Journal, and in numerous trade journals and newspapers. After twenty-three years homesteading, heating with wood, gardening organically, and composting with seaweed in Mid-Coast Maine, she gardens and frequents farmers’ markets now in the Yadkin River watershed of the Piedmont bioregion of North Carolina.