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Contemplation #1 — On Oneness

From time to time in these posts, I will take a sidetrack from our exploration on the theme of behavioral and structural patterns that exist all the way up at the level of the universe itself and all the way down in the smallest living and quantum entities, Eg, bacteria and viruses, atoms, quarks or […]

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All the Way Up & All the Way Down: Birth

“On the level of form, there is birth and death, creation and destruction, growth and dissolution, of seemingly separate forms. This is reflected everywhere: in the life cycle of a star or a planet, a physical body, a tree, and flower; in the rise and fall of nations, political systems, civilizations; and in the inevitable […]

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All the Way Up & All the Way Down

Perhaps you will have heard or read the story of a woman who attended a Native American elder’s presentation about the nature of Great Spirit in his tradition. When the speaker finished and others were departing the hall, she approached the elder, boldly, chest out and chin up, with the question that had been burning […]

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