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Two New Radio Interviews. . .

Just posted podcasts, hour-long, lively, thought-provoking, great host-interviewers: Maryanne Live!, 53 syndications around the world, a wide-ranging, thoughtful and inspirational health, spirituality, and relationship program: And Patrick Timpone, OneRadioNetwork, national podcast broadcast out of hill country Texas:   .      

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It Never Was Just a Cliff. It’s a Mesa.

Bankrupting our largest economy, which isn’t even accounted for on economists’ or  CBO spreadsheets, puts us between a rock and a hard place. So we didn’t really avoid a potential financial disaster on January 1st, we only evaded it. And already the debt ceiling and automatic spending cuts issues have raised their Medusan heads. By […]

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Global Warning

This is a post about last straws. In this case, the straw that has finally broken my Pollyanna spirit. It happened at lunch today, Wednesday, January 9th, after I read Ben Cubby’s Sydney Morning Herald coverage of scorching temperatures — 104 degrees F over Christmas and 120 predicted — in Australia and scanned the last 2012 issue of […]

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