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Democraculture: Providing an Opportunity for Democracy (or How Green is That?)

GREEN HORIZON QUARTERLY, vol. 1, no. 2 (2003) The text for this piece of democratic liturgy—a word which, by the way, means “the people’s work”—comes from Mexican Lucas Benitez…ormer migrant farmhand who, having stooped in the fields of the overlords, now labors in the field of workers’ rights. Benitez works wit…lorida coalition of other such […]

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Civilization & Agriculture: Mixed Blessings on Our Way Here

We are accustomed to touting the accomplishments of civilizations. Particularly are we in the West—whose civilization holds sway by a variety of means over pretty nearly every other way of being and worldview—accustomed to touting, even revering the accomplishments of our 2500 year-old civilization. We have good reason. Much that is good, brilliant, beautiful, noble, […]

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Democracy Unbound: “Towers of Babble”

GREEN HORIZON QUARTERLY, no. 6 (2005) The mighty have not fallen. They and their Global Economic Order (GEO) have been granted a stay of execution by the results of the 2004 elections. Perhaps it’s just as well. It gives us—Greens, Progressives, Populists, Centrists, anti-globalists and others—time to prepare for the next round. But we ought […]

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