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Interview on Rag Radio, Austin TX

Rag Blog editor and radio host Thorne Dreyer posted “When Too Big To Fail is Too Big NOT To” and streamed an hour-long interview with Ellen on 11/11/11. Find the interview here and check out Thorne’s richly progressive interview archives, too. Rag Blog is live on KOOP (as in co-op) radio in Austin TX and […]

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In Depth Interview on

Luke Miller Callahan did a wide-ranging 40 min. Skype video interview with Ellen in late September 2011. Callahan founded the web-based business, GroAction web hub that connects, integrates and amplifies the impact of individuals and businesses around the world that are engaged in conceiving and creating smarter-global and post-global communities, businesses, energy systems and economies. Check out GroAction’s services and […]

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What Now radio show podcast

Ken Rose, who has intereviewed almost everybody who’s anybody in the sustainability, environmental, post-carbon and collapse worlds, interviewed Ellen on August 1, 2011. Ken broadcasts on KOWS 107.3 FM out of Occidental CA. Find Ellen’s hour-long podcast here, in the right hand column near the end of Season 2. You may not be able to […]

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