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Chapter One

IT WAS STILL DARK at 6 a.m. when Clay’s body arched and lifted off the hospital bed like the blankets of tires construction workers put over the bedrock before detonating their charges, and Hannah had actually imagined she heard the sound: Woomf. Shocked upright from the chair by his bed, she’d seen the green line […]

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Chapter Two

LESLIE ARRIVED JUST IN TIME to see the Great Blue heron skim over his customary “fishing” spot on the river bank. When the heron backstroked in the sunlit air, her wings made the sound of snapping canvas sails. She drove her claws into the water and landed gently not fifty feet away from where he […]

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Chapter Five

ANNABELLA WEDGWOOD—called “Weej” ever since childhood friends determined “Annabella” to be “too long to have to say all the time”—arrived in the doorway just as Hannah was preparing to leave Clay in Kay Logan’s unfailingly kind care. Hannah sensed Kay Logan and the young orderly exchanging glances. It was a typical response. Weej knew how […]

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