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Don’t Ignore This One

Canadian Terry McNeil’s “Eye¬†On the World” posts and re-posts are always spot-on if often disheartening. The latest, the first part of a three-part special OpEd by Yuji Ishiguro, is brilliantly succinct and, in an election season in the US, an absolutely vital addition to conversations about what’s next, where we are headed as a people […]

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A “Best Blog” Recommendation

Terry McNeil’s internationally influential blog-site deserves the attention of anyone concerned about the approaching Critical Mass of converging economic, social, environmental and political crises. Sent out often enough to keep readers informed, but not so often as to wear them out, and compiled from journalists, bloggers and researchers around the world that form an ad […]

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Mysterious 262-Foot Wide Crater Found In Siberia; Scientists Warn Against Methane Explosion Risk

by Guneet Bhatia International Times, September, 24, 2015 [Read this while keeping in mind the inconceivably large storehouses of methane in the world’s sea floors and the rapid warming of northern tundra landscapes which are also methane “storage units”. That a similar spontaneous release of CO2 in the volcanic Lake Nyos in Camaroon, Africa in […]

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